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    Everbright Industry Group (Hong Kong) is an industry leading manufacturing organization, specializing in the design, development and production of headwear, and apparel.  We have 7 manufacturing locations throughout the world with more than 26,0000 square meters of special capacity.  At Everbright, we value quality, teamwork and social wellbeing and are certified by various international standards.  We are a diverse and technically skilled workforce, with over 7,000 employees globally.  Our annual revenue is approximately $200 million and growing. 

    Everbright Industry Group deploys a highly advanced and integrated production planning system driven by our ERP SAP.  We have vertically integrated many embellishments and finished capabilities, which enable us to deliver the most technical execution cost effectively.  We have invested in lean production systems within our operations that enable us to deliver product at the highest quality standards.  Our operating platform allows Everbright to deliver complex products to market fast and cost consciously.  

    At Everbright, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We manufacture headwear and apparel servicing international sports leagues such as basketball, baseball, rugby, and golf.  We are known in the industry as the premium headwear and apparel supplier to some of the largest and most recognizable sport licensing organizations.  We estimate Everbright has approximately 70% of sports products market share.  Everbright has built their name by delivering top quality products, used by professional athletes as well as fans who aspire to be one. 

    Everbright has created a diversified global platform, built off integrated manufacturing and planning principles.  Our differentiating value proposition resides in our advantages in technology, capital, and labor.  We are well capitalized to scale strategic relationships and to ensure our manufacturing footprint is strategically located to service our most important customers.  Linking back to our origins in China, Everbright has expanded its manufacturing footprint to Laos and Haiti.  These strategic locations allow Everbright to deliver competitive pricing and speed to market to its customers.  

    At Everbright, we have invested in a robust design and development platform, which enables us to meet and exceed customer expectations.  We focus on identifying the latest trends in fashion and incorporate those trends quickly into discussions with our customers.  Our focus is to inspire our customers to think differently about product through the lens of new silhouettes, innovation, and materialization.  Due to our strategic location, we are connected to a stockpile of raw materials and fabric manufactures, which give Everbright the right capabilities to meet customer needs. 

    Everbright Industrial Group is the owner of the globally recognized brand RIOREX.  Over the last five years, RIOREX has experienced high single double-digit growth and continues to grow each year.  Our products are sold within various direct to consumer ecommerce marketplaces around the world.  RIOREX also serves as a trend engine, where Everbright design has freedom to push the limits of ideation to inspire our customers.  We offer RIOREX as an open line to our customers.  Many of our customers take down the techniques, silhouettes, and materializations directly into their lines. 

    At Everbright Industrial Group, we are focused on delivering top quality service and execution to our customers.  We are the leading manufacturer of headwear and apparel to some the world’s top brands.  We have the scale and diversification to support just about any supply chain strategy.  We have invested in technology, innovation, and vertical integration to offer best in class service to our customers.  We are the proud owner of RIOREX, a leading on trend engine, bringing the newest concepts to brands and end customers alike.  At Everbright, we look forward to serving you.