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    Everbright Industry Group (Hong Kong) Co., Limited is an industry leading headwear, accessories and apparel manufacturing corporation.  We specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of some of the largest brands in the world.   Everbright prides itself on more than two decades of craft, expertise and execution.  Our people are our foundation, our promise, and the ingenuity that deliver best in class customer service to our clients.  


    Everbright’s differentiating value proposition is scale, fueled by advanced manufacturing, big data, and an unparalleled strategic global manufacturing footprint.  We have capacity to produce 100,000 units per day, with estimated annual capacity of 36 million units per year.  We have 7 manufacturing facilities across the globe, located in China, Haiti, Myanmar, Laos, and investments in Ethiopia.  


    We have strategically diversified our supply chain to balance cost vs. speed for our customers, while ensuring Everbright quality and execution standards are met across the enterprise.  If you are looking to optimize within the complex trade environment, maximize profit, and be faster to market, then we have created this capability for you.  


    We have invested in technology, automation, and vertical integration to create a digital advantage for our clients. We operate the SAP planning system and deploy a cloud-based execution platform, enabling digital speed and data driven decision making.  We have multiple vertically integrated embellishment capabilities, seamless technology, waterless sustainable wash processing, and a fully automated production facility where robots manufacture your products.


    Everbright primarily manufactures high quality products for many well know sports leagues around the world, capturing 80% of the market share.  We are also a primary supplier of high-end luxury and fashion brands for Europe. In addition, Everbright is also a proprietor of the direct to consumer brand RIOREX and employs a diverse team of designers in Korea, America, and Italy to bring trendy fashion forward products to market. 


    Our people are our foundation, our uncompromising promise, and the ingenuity that delivers value to our clients.  Everbright leverages advanced manufacturing, technology, and a strategic footprint to generate value for its clients.  We have a track record integrated global partnerships, improving profit, speed and uncompromising quality for our clients.  As we look to the future, Everbright aspires to continue to be a transformative force within the apparel and accessories industry.